Friday, November 13, 2009


Google Maps is an easy interface connecting the consumer and seller. With the evolution of internet the ways of marketing the business has changed. Google Maps is a service used by many perspective clients in search of an authentic seller for their product. Hence, it is tool which should be used by every small business owner.
Introduction: Google Maps
If you are small businessman who needs advertising for his business, then you must have spent a lot of time in search for business directories service and yellow page directory. However you need to get the maximum leverage for each penny you spend on such marketing service. But I think you will like if such a marketing facility can be free. Google has come to your rescue again. Google providing a large number of facilities to its user has added another helpful feature. Google search is great and so are its other products. Google provides a great product named Google Maps. Google Maps is a mapping service in which user can navigate to place they want to visit virtually.
Google Maps is actually a directory storing the maps of various places and contact details of sellers. On registering with this service you get exposure to hundreds of buyers who are looking for the product you sell.
What Google Maps is used for?
I personally use Google Maps for searching places, getting directions from and to a place. In short it is used for business advertising. The keyword entered by user on Google search is matched with your profiles details like contact information, products you sell and business you are in. If a match is found the result is displayed to the user. If a user clicks on a particular business he can see the map which can be zoomed for further details. In addition to this he can view the contact details of the business and get direction to that place.
Note: Google Maps can be used on mobile for US users. User need to type Google and the type of business he is looking for and send it. He receives a reply to his query within minutes of sending. If you java enabled you can use Google Map on your mobile to get directions to that place.
Get Listed on Google Maps
If you know how to use a service of Google properly then you will never face problem of getting traffic. You need to know the tricks of the trade. If you are with Google traffic will flow to your website. However, to achieve you need to follow all the guidelines and provide the correct information. Here the steps you need to follow.
• Visit Google’s Local Business Center. Click on Add a new business. On clicking this you will asked to provide all the personal information.
• On submitting personal details you will be asked to provide your business information like the business you deal in, form of payments, contact details and categories.
• On submitting this information you need to confirm your account which can be through phone call or Text message.
• You will receive a key through text message or voice call. Enter the pin received in the confirmation box.
Congratulations you are now registered with the Google business center. See your business growing like never before.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's do with Android

Now its the turn of the newer but the most popular platform these days. It started under the open Handset alliance where mobile companies (except Nokia) around the world joined hands to make the Mobile OS free of cost. Then Android came to existence.
Its features are:
  • Open source(Completely designed in java .All OS thread are desiged in java)
  • Easy and fast development (Google assures and provide full support for Android)
  • All application developed are treated equally
Google recently conducted a competition or Android where people were asked to designed and they received an overwhelming response on this with thousands of application coming,only top 50 entries were selected.
  • (
  • The list of top 50 entries are present on :
The Documentation of android is really great. You can Download the SDK and start working with it .There may be certain issues which you may face during installation which i will discuss in the next post.
Till then happy programming.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

LETS GO:Start the basic

There are many operating systems on which we can work.
Some of them are as follows:

  • symbian
  • Android
  • Maemo(open source linux based OS)
  • Openmoko(its a platform for building new application)
  • Windows CE(windows mobile platform used in many PDA's)

We are done with the basic OS part.Now moving on to the technical programming

The most widely used platforms are Symbian and Android(google popularised it).

For symbian you can code in many languages.

(i)In java(

  • j2me
  • SNAP(for game developers)

(ii)symbia c/c++

(iii)open c

(iv)python(The language with which i started


This is Symbian OS working explained and we will discuss android in the next one.
Till that visit all the links and decide which one you have to choose for your programming. :)

Starting mobile programming

This is my attempt to start working for mobile programmers .I think i can help the newbie with knowledge available to me.
Ok,lets start in this first blog i will start explaining how i started mobile programming. I was talking to my friend shubhendra some time back, he told me about the mobile programming .I read a lot about mobile programming i realised that it was need of the hour. It was like investing in future.Being a computer science student i liked it a lot ,wid 2 other friends i started it and it was really fun.We made a application named swashikar made for reliance ,result still awaited.
PPL keep reading will post more on more mobile programming soon.